ROTARACT  September 14

Strengthening the Bond Between Rotary & Rotaract

Here are a few tips to keep in mind or pass along to the Rotaract liaison in your club for consideration

By Alex ritchie, Rotary Club of James River & Rotaract of Virginia Commonwealth University

Rotaract is usually a challenging topic in the Rotary world because it can be challenging to coordinate schedules, be in attendance at Rotaract functions, be a good mentor to the future Rotarians, and manage other responsibilities within your own Rotary club. With that being said, here are just a few tips to keep in mind or pass along to the Rotaract liaison in your club for consideration. Each of these strategies have proven effective thus far in helping Rotaractors and Rotarians work together efficiently in order to maintain a beautiful partnership in Rotary. Here we go: 

 1. First and foremost, talk. Communication is key- in all things. Appoint one or two people in your club who either have experience with Rotaract, or are eager to get involved with millenials who will eventually make up the next generation of Rotarians. 

2. Have the Rotaract club president serve as a non-voting member of your Rotary Club board. This will help keep both sides up to date with projects and events which allows for plenty of collaboration!

3. Approach the Rotaract, Rotary relationship as a partnership. In other words, seek ways that you can both benefit each other. Young people are generally super good with technology and social media so have the Rotatactors help set up your Facebook, Instagram, or help make your dues system online! It goes both ways! Give the young people your career advice and expertise. Ask them what they want to do in life and offer tips or advice for success- we Rotaractors love that wisdom!

4. Extend an open invitation. Make it known that Rotatactors are welcome at your Rotary meetings anytime, and follow through with this! Introduce them to the club and let them feel like they're a part of it. This also works both ways. Attend their meetings and projects as much as possible. 

Never forget how valuable this partnership is. As Rotarians, we have the amazing opportunity to engage the next generation of leaders and teach them the Rotary way. Always remember that to Rotaractors, Rotarians are the greatest mentors, friends, and even family. As Rotarian partners, you are looked up to. This partnership is vital to the future of Rotary because it can have beautiful results. Collaboration from both Rotatactors and Rotarians can help Rotary grow and bring new energy to your club and to Rotaract. Also don't forget that we're here if you have any questions!